About MEP

pic-newgrandbargainThe Massachusetts Education Partnership seeks to improve student achievement and success in school districts across the Commonwealth through the application of effective models of labor-management collaboration, interest-based bargaining, and district capacity.

MEP helps labor-management teams composed of superintendents, union leaders, school committees, teachers, and administrators to develop and improve laborÔÇÉmanagement relations as well as school operations.

Objectives  |  Vision  |  Initiatives  |  Sponsors

  1. Accelerate student achievement and promote student success.
  2. Increase teacher engagement and leadership in school and district governance.
  3. Improve productivity of bargaining practices
  4. Institute policies, structures, and practices for sustainable collaboration and reform.
  5. Establish sustainable cultures of collaborative practice in schools and districts across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

MEP envisions a Massachusetts in which all leaders in K-12 education– school district officials, school administrators, educators, and union leaders– collaboratively develop internal capacity to design and jointly implement systemic changes which advance student achievement.

With the help of our staff, partners, and board members, MEP administers two initiatives in support of our Objectives and Vision:

btn-bluearrowDistrict Capacity Project

btn-bluearrowInterest-Based Bargaining Institute

The Massachusetts Education Partnership is made possible by the generous support of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the NEA Foundation.

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