Boston Teachers Develop Innovative Curriculum Design Aligned with the Common Core State Standards [Video]

The mission of the Massachusetts Education Partnership is to improve student achievement through labor-management collaboration. Our long‐term goal is to establish sustainable cultures of collaborative practice in schools, districts, and the Commonwealth. Collaborative work, whether at the collective bargaining level or the workplace level, thrives when those involved have a shared vision for both the outcomes of their work together and the process by which they will achieve those outcomes. Effective collaboration requires skill and discipline.

The Boston Teachers Union, in collaboration with the Boston School Department and with support from the American Federation of Teachers Innovation Fund, has developed a collaborative model for designing middle school curriculum aligned with the Common Core State Standards. The videos below describe this project, called 21st Century Lessons, and the experience of three of the teachers working who participated. Two papers that describe the work are available elsewhere on this website.

To learn more about the origins of this project watch:

To hear from three of the designers about what it is like to work collaboratively on curriculum design watch:

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