How Pre-K Started at Earl Boyles Elementary [Report]

The Children’s Institute is an organization dedicated to closing the achievement gap in Oregon. Our mission is to promote wise investments and effective action in early childhood to prepare children for success in school and life. We have been working toward this goal for a decade through legislative and political action.

Early Works is the Children’s Institute’s first demonstration project. Launched in 2010, it is an effort to model best practices and improve educational outcomes for children age 0 to 8.

There are two Early Works sites: Earl Boyles Elementary in Southeast Portland, and Yoncalla Elementary in Yoncalla, Oregon. The two sites have a number of significant differences. Earl Boyles is located in a diverse, urban community, while rural Yoncalla has a population of just 1,000. Both communities have many at-risk children. The Early Works team selected these two locations in part because of the breadth of learning opportunities they together provide.

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