Interest-Based Bargaining Training & Facilitation Program

The Interest-Based Bargaining Institute offers training and direct technical assistance to school districts wishing to transform the way they engage in collective bargaining through implementation of interest-based processes (IBP). An interest-based approach to bargaining (IBB) commonly results in outcomes that meet the needs of both parties and enable labor and management to work together more effectively on their shared mission of advancing student success.

  1. How does the program work?
  2. Who is eligible to participate?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. How do we request training/get started?

How does the program work?

  1. IBB Training Day - (8 hours)
    • Covers various styles, models, and methods of negotiation and collective bargaining, including the positional model, the concessional model, and the interest-based bargaining model.
    • Reviews techniques for effective and efficient communication.
  2. IBB Facilitation Day - (8 hours)
    • Designed to move the parties directly into negotiations and deepen their IBB knowledge and experience.

Who is eligible to participate?

  1. All school districts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are eligible to apply for IBB training & facilitation from the MEP. (Districts outside Massachusetts are encouraged to contact MEP to discuss alternative arrangements.)
  2. In order to participate:
    • ALL members of the labor and management negotiating teams MUST agree to be present.
    • The teachers’ organization, administration and school committee must confirm in writing their support for participation in the training program.
  3. MEP also recommends that stakeholders who will not sit at the negotiation table, e.g., school committee members and association/union executive board members, attend Day 1 to understand the process the parties will use to reach agreement. Participation in the Day 1 training does not prior commitment to use interest-based bargaining, only a commitment to learn about it.

How much does participation cost?

  • There is NO program fee for district participants to undergo the standard 16-hour training program.*
  • Participating districts are expected to provide a training facility with projection equipment for PowerPoint presentations, audio/video, internet, flip-charts, name cards, space for small group break-out sessions, as well as any desired food/beverages. Beverages for participants and presenters are required, and food is highly recommended.

* If either the training or facilitation session is not completed within one 8-hour day, and/or 16 hours total, transportation costs will be charged to the participating district at the most current federal reimbursement rate. MEP calculates the value of these two days of training and facilitation, exclusive of transportation, to be $3,600.

How do we request training/get started?

  1. Parties seeking to participate in the MEP’s IBB training & facilitation program must complete the IBBI Training & Facilitation Application Form.
  2. Upon MEP review and acceptance, additional signature verification may be required from 1) the School Superintendent, 2) the School Committee Chair (or his/her designee), and 3) the President of the Bargaining Unit Association/Organization (or his/her designee), and must be returned to the Massachusetts Education Partnership following instructions on the signature verification form.