National union chief: Murkland School’s success ‘breathtaking’ [Article]

by Sarah Favot – The Lowell Sun

photo courtesy of AFT MA

photo courtesy of AFT MA

LOWELL — Ten minutes before Friday’s dismissal at the Murkland Elementary School, third-grade students were busily writing in journals. They seemed slightly annoyed, but remained polite when a slew of visitors came into the classroom, causing them to lose focus. The visitors included American Teachers Federation President Randi Weingarten, United Teachers of Lowell President Paul Georges and Superintendent of Schools Jean Franco.

Weingarten was back in Lowell to talk to teachers and administrators at the school to find out how the school labeled “underperforming” in 2010 and a Level 4 school on the state’s education department rating system achieved Level 1 results on last year’s Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests. Weingarten said she would be a mouthpiece to let national leaders know the success achieved in Lowell Public Schools.

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“If the nation and our national leaders actually learned a lot more and listened a lot more to what was going on in Lowell, we’d have a lot more joyous kids around the country and a lot more teachers who felt a lot better about our profession.” – Randi Weingarten

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