MEP Conference 2012: “Leading Change: Improving Student Achievement through Labor-Management Collaboration”

December 3, 2012

This conference offered Massachusetts teachers, labor leaders, school committee members, administrators, and superintendents an opportunity both to hear from national and state education scholars and policymakers on critical issues in education reform and to share their own learning and experience. Although school districts are strongly encouraged to attend MEP Conferences as labor-management teams, individuals attending without a team are welcome. Attendees register individually to establish a total number of participants.

Schedule of Events

  • S. Paul Reville – former Secretary of Education, Commonwealth of Mass.
  • Mitchell D. Chester – Commissioner, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Commonwealth of Mass.
  • Jo Anderson, Jr. – Senior Advisor to Secretary Duncan, US Dept. of Ed.
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  • W. Patrick Dolan – labor-management collaboration consultant, author of Restructuring Our Schools: A Primer on Systemic Change
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(repeated after lunch)

  1. Educator Evaluation: Representatives from Massachusetts school districts will share their experiences in negotiating and implementing the new evaluation rubric.
  2. Peer Assistance & Review: This session will focus on the role that teacher leaders can play in supporting and evaluating fellow teachers in the new evaluation framework.
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  3. Innovation Schools and Extended Learning Time: Education leaders will share the challenges and opportunities that they have experienced in these schools.
  4. Interest-Based Bargaining: Experienced presenters will introduce interest-based bargaining (IBB) concepts and practices.
    btn-bluearrowOverview: Interest-Based Bargaining Training & Facilitation Program.